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Synchronicity is a moving exhibition series which has been shown in Usti nad Labem Armaturka Mala Gallery, Prague Villa P651 in Czech Republic and Organico Bantry, Cork film Centre Gallery in Ireland by Nurten Yuksel and Chris Gaughran. Their exhibition is a distillation of their time at Sam Rit Residency, in Northeast Thailand, where they met during the winter of 2014 – 2015. Both interdisciplinary artists, they found resonance with each other through their work. Since returning home they have worked independently, and in collaboration via internet, to produce a body of photography, video and sound, recorded during the residency.
Mutually their first visit to Asia, Nurten and Chris found creative freedom inspired by nature and traditional Thai hospitality, within the challenge of dialogue with another people's language and culture. Their collection shown here states their recognition of Sam Rit Residency's theme: international cultural dialogue in the spirit of understanding and acceptance.
We would like to thank Prague Thai Embassy for supporting our exhibition.

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