Artist residency > Dream room projects

2014 Workshop in Sam Rit Local school
Northeast Thailand
2015 San Rafael Shipibo Conibo Community, Peru
2016 Tanzania Kondoa Imbafi Secondary School
2017 The White House, Kilcrohane,
Co Cork, Ireland
2017 St. Matthias National School
Ballydehob, Co Cork, Ireland

What is Dream Room Project?

The intentions and inspirations of the project come from Nurten Yuksel's childhood and teenager time and dreams. The artist says that I like to play with the space, environment to create a new place and dream about something in the room, even if it could be not realistic. In this way, I plan to make an art book and I plan to explore and look into the teenager's world from different cultures.

I planned to make this project in different countries with many diverse groups of teenagers and choose my group especially in a rural area or a small town with the local students at their schools or art centers. The connection is with the environment that I grew up in a small town, and I would like to explore and investigate the group from small regions which is the one of my primary and major objectives.

My project is in the process of working with a group of teenagers who are between 13-16 years old. I propose to have an interactive project to give the students the task to draw in the workshop what they would like to have in their private home room, what kind of room they would like to live in, or what they dream about in their room.

I plan to show them some pop up technique to create in their dream room, they can choose one of three objects and make it three dimensional in their room by drawing and the cutting and then give a 3D shape with their expressions, those three objects are a chair, a table and a bed. After that they draw, express and color their project with the other objects in their imaginative room. I would then like to discuss with the students about their drawing after they finished their projects.

After the workshop, I plan to try to turn the student’s art works into an art book, as an accordion book or a photography book with descriptions. It depends the quality of the works and their skills with the practicing to get a refined finished work. It is going to be an experimental work at the moment with different forms and functions in the creative process. The whole workshops experiences with drawings, photos and videos will turn into art exhibition in my context when it is the end.

List of Dream Room Workshop locations to present date:

  1. Sam Rit Residency Thailand 2014
    Sam Rit Local School
  2. Centro Selva Artist Residency Peru 2015
    Shibipo Conibo Community School in San Rafael
  3. WarmHeart Art Artist Residency Tanzania 2016 Kondoa Imbafi Secondary School
  4. The White House, Kilcrohane, Co Cork, Ireland 2017 Home School students
  5. St. Matthias National School Ballydehob, Co Cork , Ireland 2017